Shalom and Welcome to Israel Trees! You can help Israel's FUTURE by planting a tree TODAY! Shalom and Welcome to Israel Trees! You can help Israel's FUTURE by planting a tree TODAY!

Israel recently experienced one of the greatest snow storms in it's History. We had a lot of fun in the snow, however, thousands of trees in the mountains of the Golan, Shchem, Har Bracha, Shilo, Yitzhar, Jerusalem, Bet El, the Gush and Hebron were Destroyed!


Next year is Shmita (the Sabbatical 7th year) and we are NOT allowed to plant the entire year according to Halacha (Biblical Law). We MUST plant NOW! from Shvat until the Spring. Jan-Apr


Please help us replant 10,000 fruit trees so thousands of people and farmers do not suffer from too many years of lost income and produce.


Just fill in the ORDER FORM and we will plant a tree for you!


Dedicate your tree in honor or memory of a friend or loved one. We will mail them an authentic certificate with the printed dedication. Makes a wonderful and meaningful gift.


ALL donations are tax deductable in the USA 

We're a registered non profit orginazation Tax ID 11-3321933


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When you come to Israel plant FRUIT trees”

Leviticus 19:23 ויקרא

The Jewish people are commanded to plant FRUIT trees when entering and returning to the land of Israel. The Torah (Bible) says:

"And I will bless those who bless you" (Genesis 12:3 בְּרֵאשִׁית) I וַאֲבָרְכָה, מְבָרְכֶיךָ


Planting Fruit trees in Israel bring blessing to the people and the Land!


Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakai said:

"If you find out Mashiach (The Messiah) has finally arrived while you are holding a tree, plant the tree first, only THEN can you greet Mashiach.


The GR”A from Villna: sent students to Israel in the 1800's, wrote to them...

"If only Hashem would grant me the merit to plant a FRUIT tree in Jerusalem, then I can fulfill the sentence {When you come to Israel & plant FRUIT trees]


HaRav Melamed: explains the importance of Planting Trees in the Holy Land

Amazing Argan trees in the Negev

Planting in the south

Amazing - Made in Israel Agriculture

New Olive trees in the South


Surveying NEW olive orchards in Tifrach in the south with Shmuel Rappaport the great grandson of Rav Moshe Feinstein tz"l orchard manager and Torah scholar par excellence.

Ethiopian Jews in Beer Sheva


Prepping the land in Beer Sheva for an urban orchard with our Jewish brothers who immigrated from Ethiopia. This improves the Negev, unites the residents around a project that feeds them and teaches about self sustainability as well.

Three years since the Carmel Fire


The fire at Mount Carmel three years ago destroyed 5 Million trees. The Israel Ministry of Agriculture has declared: “Replanting in the Carmel must wait 3 years in order for the soil to heal naturally” This year we can start planting FRUIT trees near the carmel in addition to Yehuda and Shomron the Golan and the Negev.


Plant a FRUIT Tree  TODAY! 


The Gift that Keeps Giving

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